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Tom Drake and David Sayh

Thu, Sep 28, 2017
Fri, Sep 29, 2017
Sat, Sep 30, 2017
clean comedy

Tom Drake and David Sayh

with David Sayh and Magician BJ Odom

Born and raised in New Jersey and the product of thirteen years of Catholic education, stand-up comedian Tom Drake’s act has been called “An Attitude with a Tie”.

His likeable style and funny observational skills, however, have made him a popular performer in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, on the concert stage and aboard cruise ships around the world. A late entry into the comedy field, Tom was 36 years old when he finally decided that he wanted take the stage and make people laugh. He has not looked back…

In 1995, Tom was offered the opportunity to audition for a guest entertainer booking on major cruise lines at a showcase in Miami, Florida. It was a life changing evening. Tom’s spot was near the end of a very long show (4 hours) and he was following an Al Jolson tribute that drew stares. He really didn’t think there was a chance that the audience would laugh but, instead, his set went very well and the next day Tom was offered fourteen months of bookings on five major cruise lines. Those fourteen months turned into twenty years, one hundred countries, thousands of frequent flyer miles, countless Caribbean islands, a few sunburns and a couple of hangovers.

In 2011, Tom joined the ranks of some of the great entertainers and became a member of the Friars Club in New York City.

Tom says looking back, if he could change one thing in his career, he would have pursued television appearances more aggressively so his parents could have seen him perform more, but, the ships offered Tom a chance to develop his act in front of a cross-section of America while seeing the world at the same time”. Oh…and get paid for it…

David Sayh

David Sayh Bio
Las Vegas New York Atlantic City Concerts
Hilton Carnegie Hall Sands Valley Forge Music
Riviera Beacon Theater Harrah's Melody Fair
Aladdin Westbury Music Fair Atlantis Garden State Center
Bally's Saratoga Arts Center Showboat Wolf Trap
Tropicana Albany Auditorium Resorts Meadowbrook Arena
Caesars Palace Majestic Theater Trop World Academy of Music PA
MGM Grand Apollo Theater Caesars Kennedy Center D.C.

TV appearances:
12 guest spots on the Tonight Show, 10 with Johnny Carson, 57 National TV
appearances: including; Showtime, A & E, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas,
Dinah Shore, Norm Crosby Comedy Shop, Midnight Special and Don
Kirshner’s Rock Concert
Headlined over 300 Comedy Clubs throughout North America:
Catch a Rising Star, Comedy Stop, Laugh Stop, Comedy Store, Komedy
Korner, Comedy Zone, Funny Bone, Yuk Yuk’s, Dangerfield’s, Comedy
Castle, Improv, Comedy Works, NCL, RCCL and Carnival Cruise Lines
Ships: 1991 – 2011

Magician BJ Odom

BJ Odom, a 40 year veteran of radio. Became interested in comedy 20 years ago hitting the road doing comedy on the weekends then back to the radio station on Monday morning. He started doing magic when a promoter asked if he could do some magic with his comedy act and went straight to the magic shop. The Comedy Magic of BJ Odom was born.

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